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Project Manager Job Description

        posted by , November 12, 2012

A project manager plans, directs and coordinates activities of projects to ensure project goals and objectives are accomplished within approved time frame, scope and budget.

Project Initiation & Procurement

  • Manage project initiation and scope definition.
  • Identify milestones and critical success factors.
  • Seek clear business requirements and escalate as appropriate.
  • Recommend solutions and approaches based on understanding of business issues.
  • Develop baseline project plans that include a task based schedule, cost forecast and risk assessment.
  • Develop project budgets.
  • Identify resource requirements.
  • Develop RFIs and RFPs.
  • Define project organizational structures with clear responsibilities, accountabilities and decision making authority.
  • Oversee procurement for projects.

Project Execution

  • Oversee project execution and delivery.
  • Keep project plans up-to-date and manage performance against them.
  • Perform ongoing resource leveling to ensure project resources are efficiently utilized.
  • Collaborate with people across the organization, partners, clients and vendors to get work done.
  • Control project budget and manage project cash flow.
  • Ensure project compliance with IT governance and financial control processes.
  • Manage client expectations.
  • Gather, analyze and report project metrics.
  • Promote practical, innovative methods to overcome issues and quickly clear roadblocks.
  • Manage project closure.

Communication & Relationship Management

  • Develop communication plans.
  • Ensure project transparency with timely and effective project communications.
  • Produce timely project status reports that include progress, productivity, quality and risk metrics.
  • Hold regular project status and project performance review meetings.
  • Escalate issues and risks as appropriate.
  • Strengthen relationships with business partners.

Project Quality Management

  • Set quality objectives for project deliverables.
  • Manage execution and delivery to quality objectives.
  • Manage and communicate project variances.

Project Risk Management

  • Identify project risks as early as possible.
  • Develop risk assessments and keep them up-to-date.
  • Manage and communicate risks.

Team Management

  • Set direction for the team.
  • Effectively communicate to ensure that project objectives and approaches are well understood by those delivering work packages.
  • Hold project teams accountable for their deliverables and managerial work.
  • Promote a positive team mindset for success.
  • Mentor team members and help low performers to improve.
  • Support top performers and work to retain key team members.

Position Requirements

  • A minimum of ____ years managing _____ projects.
    e.g. A minimum of 8 years managing front office IT projects.
  • A demonstrated ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget that meet business goals and objectives.
  • Business acumen and solid understanding of the ____ industry.
  • Strong leadership, negotiation, facilitation and interpersonal skills.
  • Well versed in best practices, industry standards, regulatory compliance and audit requirements.
  • Undergraduate degree

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