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Program Manager Job Description

        posted by , November 15, 2012

A program manager is responsible for managing a portfolio of projects and initiatives.

Planning and Execution

Take ownership of program development, planning and execution.

Develop and control program budget.

Identify funding opportunities and build relationships with executives.

Manage timely completion of program deliverables.

Ensure quality (fit for purpose) and accuracy of program work outcomes.

Manage program risk.

Provide quick resolution for problems and roadblocks.

Develop and maintain a program schedule with milestones.

Report program status including progress, productivity, risk and quality metrics.

Communication & Relationship Management

Serve as a mediator between executives.

Manage program communication.

Coordinate and manage program meetings.

Develop and communicate marketing materials to promote program objectives.

Strengthen relationships with executives, customers and key staff.

Project Oversight

Provide oversight for projects under the program umbrella.

Ensure that projects are aligned with program goals and objectives.

Supervise project managers.

Mentor project managers.

Monitor project health and step in when a project goes offtrack.

Provide quick resolution for project issues.

Provide transparency to project teams into the program and enterprise context of their respective projects.


Manage governance at the program level.

Ensure that projects are compliant with governance processes.

Ensure the quick resolution of program and project issues identified by governance.

Maintain high visibility at governance meetings and ensure that the program is well represented.

Actively monitor governance processes and escalate issues important to the program.


Identify opportunities for synergy with other programs and initiatives.

Align program with organizational goals and objectives.

Contribute to strategic planning activities.

Quality Assurance

Validate and verify that program deliverables are fit for purpose.

Develop and communicate program level quality metrics.

Optimize performance across the program value chain applying continual improvement best practices.


Manage integration to insure that program components integrate with each other as required.

Ensure that the program integrates with required processes organization-wide.

Promote shared approaches where they make sense.

Position Requirements

Strong leadership abilities

Demonstrated ability to influence.

Commercially aware. Minimum of 5+ years relevant business experience.

Minimum of 10+ years experience managing projects.

Minimum of 2+ years experience managing a program.

Strong decision-making skills

Exceptional organizational skills

Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Bachelors degree

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A program manager is responsible for managing a portfolio of projects and initiatives.

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