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Is Enterprise Architecture A Safe Bet In A Recession?

        posted by , September 27, 2011

Enterprise Architecture has a convincing value proposition — but when times get hard is EA likely to be cut?

Lights On Mode

When business is bad organizations make deep cuts. In many cases, organizations will go into lights on mode (meaning support only). When this happens, Enterprise Architecture programs are deeply cut (typically).

Enterprise Architecture As A Cost Cutting Tool

Smart EA teams quickly adapt to business conditions. EA is in a perfect position to identify cost cutting opportunities and evaluate the impact of cuts.

It makes sense for organizations to leverage EA capabilities to plan cutbacks. However, more often than not cutbacks come as knee-jerk reactions with little or no planning.

The Enterprise Architecture Brain Trust

Even when EA programs are cut — Enterprise Architects are often redeployed within the organization.

Enterprise Architects are typically considered strategically important resources who are difficult to recruit.

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Are Enterprise Architecture programs safe when business goes bad??
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