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        posted by , June 04, 2013

Job interviews may be the closest you ever get to the primal competition for survival.

The quality of your resume, your knowledge of interview strategy and your ability to convincingly answer interview questions are essential professional survival skills.

After all, a single job interview can change your life for the better or worse. Your interview skills can make a big difference to your financial prosperity and personal fulfillment.

You have worked hard to build your professional skills. It would be a shame not to show your true abilities in an interview.

You want to be the candidate who inspires. The candidate with the compelling story. The candidate with the professional polish.

You want to be the candidate who wins.

The following guide is designed for professionals who are serious about improving their interview performance. It covers resume tips, interview strategy and a large number of practice interview questions by profession.

Your Resume

Essential tips and tools for your resume.

ObjectivesResume Objectives (5 Steps)
SkillsSkill Inventory For Your Resume (1000+ Standard Skills)
Power WordsEffective Verbs for Resumes (140 Verbs)
Danger Verbs for Resume (16 Verbs)

Interview Strategy

A few strategies that may give you an edge in your next interview.

Elevator PitchHow to Write An Elevator Pitch For Interviews
Why you need an elevator pitch before your next interview.

Strategies9 Interview Strategies That Work
It's important to walk into an interview with a strategy that you're comfortable executing.

Interview Psychology Cheat Sheet
The 13 things you need to know about interview psychology.

Interview the Interviewer
3 questions interviewers want you to ask.

Interview Traps
The 3 traps to avoid.

Skills55 Interview Skills for Job Seekers
The most critical professional skill set of all: the interview itself.

ChallengesWhy The Best Candidate Doesn't Always Get the Job
Candidate selection isn't about who has the most experience and qualifications.

Do You Make These 4 Mistakes In Interviews?
These mistakes aren't obvious but can ruin your chances.

Salary NegotiationsSalary Negotiations
9 steps to successful salary negotiations.

Negotiation Guide
A guide to negotiation strategy and tactics.

Interview Questions

A large collection of interview questions and answering guidelines that will help you prepare for your next interview.

Interview QuestionsCEO (100+ questions)
Executive Leadership (100+ questions)
Leadership (100+ questions)
CIO (100 questions)
Management (100+ questions)
IT Manager (100+ questions)
Project Managers (100+ questions)
Program Managers (90+ questions)
Enterprise Architects (100 questions)
Information Security (100 questions)
ITIL (100+ questions)
Business Analysts (100 questions)
Negotiation Skills (90+ questions)
Communication Skills (70 questions)
Emotional Intelligence (40+ questions)
Time Management (50 questions)
Innovation (50+ questions)
Sales (100+ questions)
Marketing (100+ questions)
AnswersAnswers to Difficult Questions
Answers to Sticky Questions
Answers to Oddball Questions
Answers to Open-Ended Questions
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