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How To Hire The Best

        posted by , May 22, 2013

The key is: Listen closely. Get in the candidate’s skin.
~ Jack Welch
So you're looking for a employee — not just any employee but a top performer. You have completed your interviews and you think you have your ideal candidate. It's time for a quick sanity check:

1. Politics

Is the candidate more interested in delivering value or in playing games? Ideal employees can handle political situations with ease but have no interest in generating political drama.

2. Candor

There is something powerful about employees who are open, direct and truly honest. Did you get the sense that the candidate was holding back?

3. Likeable

Employees can be tough, quirky etc.. but should be basically likeable. Jerks are seldom worth the trouble (with the possible exception of true geniuses).

4. Experience and Knowledge

Experience counts. Has the candidate made his/her mistakes?

5. Flexibility

Is the candidate set in his/her ways? How do they deal with change?

6. Innovation

Is the candidate creative and able to lead change?

7. Intelligence

Intelligence is sometimes over-rated (if you hired simply by IQ you would likely end up with terrible employees). Nonetheless, it is an extremely important factor in success.

8. Energy

Is the candidate energetic and truly enthusiastic about the role?

9. Responsibility

Is the candidate a team player who takes responsibility for failure and shares the credit for success?

10. Ethics

Do the candidate's ethics closely match those of the organization?

This article is part of the series: The Ultimate Guide to IT Hiring

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Have you ever carefully read a job advertisement only to wonder — what the heck?

Interviewing is a critical skill. After all, you can't get a job without impressing someone in an interview.

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