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How to KISS Your Way Into a Job

        posted by , January 07, 2013

Interview advice is often useless.

Some advice is obvious and mechanical — dress appropriately and maintain eye contact and you'll get the job.

Other interview advice is overly complex (resembling battlefield strategy).

It's a good idea to look at the KISS of hiring — the fundamental reasons that candidates are successful.

There are 5 core reasons you'll be hired:

1. Likeability

Hiring managers are human. They're going to have to work with you for several years. They might be stuck with you for several decades.

Many hiring managers will only hire candidates they like. If you come across as arrogant or problematic you may not get the job.

People like people who like them.

Go into your next interview in a positive, highly social frame of mind. It will help your chances.

2. Knowledge

Hiring managers are looking for knowledgeable candidates.

The problem most candidates have is not a lack of knowledge but effectively communicating what they know.

It's better to spend your interview prep time practicing answers to common questions rather than cramming more knowledge into your head.

3. Social Connections

If you have social connections with an organization (no matter how remote) it will help your chances of being hired.

Develop social connections in real life and in social media. Name dropping isn't always a bad idea in an interview.

4. Experience

You need to convince your perspective employer that you can do the job. That you're a consummate professional with the desire and ability to achieve in the role.

Demonstrate how your track record of success relates to the position. Confidence is key. You have to fully believe you can do the job before anyone else will believe it.

5. Enthusiasm

It's more satisfying to hire a candidate who is interested in your company. A candidate who is excited about the professional growth potential of the role.

You'd be surprised how often enthusiasm trumps experience.

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