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How Many Thought Leaders Does a Company Really Need?

        posted by , July 03, 2011

Good ideas are common — what's uncommon are people who will work hard enough to bring them about
~ Ashleigh Brilliant

Does business really need thought leaders who neither manage people nor do any hands on work?

The Knowledge Economy

This got me thinking about the knowledge economy — the goal seems to be to become a person of ideas who does as little hands on work as possible. The more you are talking and the less you are doing the more you are paid.

I am about 15 years into my IT career. When I think back to the 3 thought leaders I respect most — they were all hands on people. The World does need people who dwell in ideas and abstractions. However, from a business perspective this certainly has to be balanced with people who do work.

It's a knowledge economy — not an unimplemented idea economy.

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