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        posted by , June 04, 2013

If there's one process you don't want to get wrong it's hiring.

Hiring the wrong candidate is an expensive and emotionally draining experience. Anyway you look at it, it's bad for your organization (not to mention the pain it causes the candidate themselves to end up in the wrong job).

The following guide will help you through the interviewing and selection process.

Hiring Tools

Selection criteria and job descriptions.

Selection CriteriaHow to Hire the Best
A sanity check you should make before making an offer.

Candidates Who Think To Win
The 9 beliefs of top performing talent.

How To Hire Good, Bad and Ugly Project Managers
A sanity check you should make before hiring project managers.

Skills Inventory
Thousands of skills broken down by profession.
Job Descriptions 87 Information Technology Job Descriptions
A large list of brief job descriptions (a useful quick reference)

Detailed Descriptions
Information Security Officer (ISO)
Chief Architect
Program Manager
IT Manager
Project Manager

Role Differentiation
Program Management versus Project Management

Interview Questions

A large collection of interview questions by profession and soft skill.

Profession or SkillInterview Questions
The BasicsArt of Questioning
7 timeless critical questions that reveal everything.

Essential Questions
7 interview questions that reveal everything.

Interview QuestionsCEO (103 questions)
Executive Leadership (106 questions)
Leadership (101 questions)
CIO (100 questions)

Management (106 questions)
IT Manager (102 questions)
Change Management (50 questions)Project Management (7 questions)
Program Management Interview Questions (97 questions)
97 questions for program managers.
Information Security (101 questions)
Communication Skills (70 questions)
Time Management (50 questions)
Salesperson (122 questions)
Marketing (106 questions)
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It's important to get inside the candidate's head. Does the candidate think to win?

Never hire an employee without this quick sanity check.

Think your job can't be automated — think again.

If you're looking for a big list of skills broken down by profession and skill for your resume, you've come to the right place.

Objectives are both the easiest and most important part of your resume. They are your short pitch to your perspective employer.

Effectively summarize your career and goals.

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