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Chief Architect Job Description

        posted by , December 07, 2012

The responsibilities of a Chief Enterprise Architect are so broad that job descriptions vary widely from one organization to the next. It's a highly political role – job descriptions need to match the political realities and priorities of your organization.

This sample job description can be used as a shopping list of responsibilities – pick those that make sense for your organization.

Business Architecture

Cultivate relationships with business stakeholders.

Maintain in-depth knowledge of strategic business plans.

Develop and maintain current and future state business architecture.

Information System & Technology Architecture

Design and oversee implementation of end-to-end integrated systems.

Deliver architectural initiatives that drive revenue and improve efficiency inline with business strategy.

Cultivate relationships with IT management.

Maintain in-depth knowledge of the organization's technologies and architectures.

Develop and maintain current and planned state architectural blueprints.

Develop and maintain a aspirational architectural road map for the enterprise.

Communicate architectural decisions, plans, goals and strategies.

Gain organizational commitment for enterprise level architecture and infrastructure initiatives.

Provide architectural direction to Enterprise Architects, Business Architects and Solution Architects.

Develop architectural metrics and reports for the executive team, business and IT management.

Data Architecture

Oversee the design and implementation of enterprise data and metadata structures.

Create a plan to integrate business systems and workflows in support of business strategy.

Develop and enforce best practices for master data management and integration.

Architectural Programs & Initiatives

Initiate and deliver architectural programs that align IT with business strategy.

Deliver requisite program documentation including program charters, schedules, requirements documents, specifications, design documents and testing strategies.

Research & Development

Initiate and deliver technology evaluations and recommendations.

Architecture Consultancy

Maintain in-depth knowledge of IT industry best practices, technologies, architectures and emerging technologies.

Provide architectural consulting to programs, projects and initiatives.

Support business and IT strategic planning.

Support product development teams.

Act as the focal point for enterprise architecture and IT standards.

Architectural Governance

Develop, communicate and deploy Enterprise Architecture Governance processes.

Develop and communicate enterprise technology standards and policies.

Review new and existing program/project architecture for compliance with IT standards, policies and architectural plans.

Review IT procurement plans for compliance with IT standards and architectural plans.

Document exceptions to architectural standards.

Ensure that project documentation captures significant architectural decisions.

Ensure that architectural governance is a fair, consistent and transparent process.

Identify architectural risks and propose alternatives and solutions.

Supervisory Responsibilities

manage a team of senior enterprise architects

manage a team of senior business architects

Architecture Processes & Tools

Develop, communicate and deploy Enterprise Architecture processes.

Deploy and maintain a Enterprise Architecture repository and tool set.

Perform annual architectural maturity assessments.

Produce regular architecture status reports.

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