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9 Beliefs of Top Performing Talent

        posted by , March 24, 2013

Hiring the wrong candidate is painful for your organization. It's also painful for the candidate.

The hiring decision should consider more than experience, knowledge and abilities. It's important to get inside the candidate's head. Does the candidate think to win?

The following 9 beliefs tend to lead to high performance.

1. My performance happens today

Talent who focus on the challenges of the day.

Avoid hiring people who have a sense of entitlement based on their past results (e.g. "I've paid my dues!"). Hire the person who believes that their performance should be based on what they achieve today.

2. Hard work & perseverance are rewarded

Talent who focus on business results because they believe this will be rewarded.

Avoid hiring candidates who believe that rewards should come before performance. Hire the person who believes that hard work will bring success and reward.

3. I can't succeed without my team

Talent who have experienced the thrill of being part of a winning team and value teamwork.

You know that magic moment when a sports team wins a championship? Hire the person who has the drive to make those moments happen.

4. My work is urgent

Talent who look for ways to increase the speed of business.

Avoid hiring people who are always looking for an excuse to slow things down and put things off. Hire the person who believes your objectives are urgent.

5. My failures are mine

Talent who take responsibility for business failures, even when it isn't completely their fault. For example, a project manager who takes responsibility for every failed project, even when stakeholders are also responsible.

Hire the person who is candid about failure. The person who learns from it.

6. Talk is cheap

Talent who believe that good ideas are common, that business performance is about making ideas happen.

Hire the person who is action oriented.

7. Work isn't about fulfilling my desires and needs

Talent who recognize the need to make sacrifices to achieve.

Paid work isn't always fun. It isn't always about expressing your self-centered desires and needs. Sometimes you need to swallow your pride to overcome political hurdles. Sometimes you need to be nice to difficult people. That's the reality of business.

Hire the person who believes that sacrifice is necessary to achieve goals.

8. The customer is king

Talent who have a fundamental respect for your customers.

True performers care about solving the problems of customers. They put the needs of the customer first.

Avoid hiring people who have a negative or combative view towards your customers. Hire the person who recognizes the importance of customer relationships.

9. Change is good

Talent who aren't stuck in their ways.

It's human nature to fear and resist change. Hire those brave souls who are the forefront of the change of the day.

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