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7 Reasons That Project Managers Will Always Be In Demand

        posted by , November 19, 2012

For many years now, project managers have enjoyed above average pay increases. Professional project managers are consistently in demand.

The Moneylender and his Wife

The good days are here to stay. There are several reasons the demand for successful project managers isn't going anywhere:

1. Project management isn't for everyone

Project management requires abilities that few possess. The ability to influence, manage people, aggressively tackle issues and effectively plan complex projects are difficult capabilities to acquire.

In future, organizations will increasingly look beyond the rubber stamp of professional certifications to seek project managers who are true performers.

2. Project failure statistics are abysmal

Well over 50% of IT projects fail. Getting project management right is a high stakes pursuit (Worldwide IT spending exceeded 3.6 trillion USD in 2012).

3. Project management is maturing

In recent years, the project management capabilities of organizations big and small has been on the rise. This is largely due to the widespread adoption of project management methodologies, best practices and professional certifications such as PMP and PRINCE2.

As project management has matured, its stock has gone up. This process is only likely to continue.

4. Project management is as much art as science

Despite the rise of methodologies and increasingly sophisticated project management software — it's a profession that's difficult to systemize.

5. Multiple layers of project management are becoming the norm

It has become increasingly common to tackle complex initiatives as programs (as opposed to projects). In many cases this means that a program manager leads a team of project managers.

This approach has boosted the demand for project managers.

6. Project management solves a fundamental business problem

The problem of managing new initiatives to ensure that they deliver their business objectives isn't likely to fade away.

7. Interest in project management is spreading down the food chain

Project management (as we know it today) has its roots in engineering mega-projects of the 1950s. The long term trend is to apply project management to smaller and smaller initiatives.

Today, some large and mid-sized organizations require project management capabilities from partners and suppliers. For many small organizations, adhoc project management is no longer an option.

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