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7 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything

        posted by , March 19, 2013

You'll probably ask a candidate numerous questions before hiring him or her. However, these 7 questions cut to the heart of the hiring decision.

These are the timeless classics that reveal everything about the candidate you need to know.

1. What's your story?

You want a candidate who has a compelling career story. What drives them? What have they achieved? What challenges have they overcome?

Hire the candidate with the compelling story.

2. Why ... ?

Always ask why before how. For example, "why is it important to establish and manage relationships with customers"? Does the candidate truly understand the job or are they going through the motions?

Hire the candidate who understands why your objectives are important.

3. How ...?

Get the candidate to explain exactly how they would deliver objectives related to the role. For example, "how do you build rapport with customers"?

Hire the candidate who convinces you they can deliver to objectives.

4. Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult person.

Get in the candidate's skin to understand how they deal with people (especially people they consider difficult). Will they be the source of regular conflict? Will they cause political drama that sidetracks your efforts?

Hire the candidate who is good with people.

5. What mistakes have you made recently?

You want a candidate who can overcome adversity and learn from failure. This question is also a good way to test the candor of the candidate.

Hire the person who is comfortable talking about their career challenges. The candidate who recognizes and learns from every failure.

6. Why this job?

You want to hire a candidate who is interested in more than a paycheck. It's important to validate that they're passionate about their career and interested in your firm.

Hire the person who is driven and engaged.

7. Do you have any questions for me?

You want to hire that person who jumps right into the job. That candidate who asks insightful questions about the role and your business.

Hire the person who convinces you they own the role.

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