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55 Interview Skills For Job Seekers

        posted by , February 01, 2013

You've worked hard to build up your professional skills, the last thing you want to do is to ruin your chances for your next job by giving a bad interview.

Interviewing is a critical skill. After all, you can't get a job without impressing someone in an interview.

The good news is that interviewing is based on skills that you probably use on a daily basis in your job. Everyone communicates and influences. Everyone has to sell their abilities at work.

Interview skills are really just a collection of professional skills. By leveraging your professional strengths (and training in areas of weakness) you can greatly improve your interview results.

These 55 skills are critical to interviews.

Core Interview Skills

1. Communication
2. Influencing
3. Interpersonal Skills
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Creative Skills
6. Professional Skills


7. Verbal Communication
8. Listening (e. g. Active Listening)
9. Body Language
10. Eye Contact
11. Facial Expressions
12. Posture
13. Public Speaking
14. Presentation Skills
15. Storytelling
16. Humor
17. Quick-wittedness
18. Business Writing & Effective Visual Communication (e.g. for your resume)


19. Persuasion
20. Selling Yourself
21. Inspiring
22. Motivating
23. Personal Branding
24. Diplomacy
25. Politics
26. Negotiation

Interpersonal Skills

27. Establishing Rapport
28. Making Good First Impressions
29. Introducing Yourself
30. Social Intelligence
31. Building Relationships of Trust

Emotional Intelligence & Focus

32. Self Awareness
33. Self Assessment
34. Emotion Management
35. Stress Management
36. Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty
37. Taking Criticism
38. Self Confidence
39. Empathy
40. Enthusiasm
41. Friendliness
42. Adaptability
43. Resilience
44. Endurance
45. Assertiveness
46. Competitiveness
47. Results Focus

Creative Skills

48. Decision Making
49. Creative Questioning
50. Answering Questions Creatively

Professional Skills

51. Professional Polish
52. Business Communication
53. Leadership
54. Business Networking
55. Skills Related to Your Profession

This is an installment in the ongoing series how to win your next job.

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