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50 Change Management Interview Questions

        posted by , January 28, 2013

In business, it's change or fade away.

That is to say, that no business can stay competitive without change.

Change is difficult to sell and even more difficult to manage. Change management is an essential skill for leaders and managers.

Change management is also a profession unto itself (change manager).

The following interview questions are designed to cover the wide range of change management skills expected of a change manager.

Assessing & Accepting Change

1. Why do you reject a change?

2. What is the most challenging change that you've managed?

3. Have you conducted a cost-benefit analysis? If yes, what metrics did you use?

4. What information is included in a business plan?

5. What process have you used to assess changes?

6. How do you analyze the impact of a change?

7. How do you analyze the gaps that exist between the current state and a business objective?

8. What is a gap analysis?

9. What change management processes have you used in the past (e.g. what steps did you use to manage change)?

10. What is the function of a Change Advisory Board (CAB)?

11. How do you typically identify the stakeholders who need to approve a change?

12. What change management tools (software) are you familiar with?

Change Planning & Scheduling

13. What information is included in a requirements document for a change request?

14. What techniques have you used to estimate changes?

15. What information do you include in a project plan?

16. How do you schedule changes?

17. What techniques have you used to prioritize changes?

18. How do you identify and document assumptions for a project plan?

19. How do you define change failure?

20. Why is it important to conduct a lessons learned activity when a change fails?

21. Can you tell me about the last change you managed that failed? What did you learn from the failure?

Change Leadership

22. In your current role, what have you done to lead change?

23. How do you lead a change when all the requirements aren't known?

24. How do you lead a change when the impact of the change is unclear?

25. How do you overcome resistance to change?


26. Why do organizations tend to resist change?

27. How do you sell change to an organization?

28. How do you ensure that all stakeholders are informed at each step of the change management process?

29. How do you ensure that a change is transparent across an organization?

Risk Management for Change

30. What is the difference between a constraint and a risk?

31. What is a risk assessment?

32. Can you give me an example of a risk (in the context of change management)?

33. How do you identify risks?

34. How do you prioritize risks?

35. What is your approach to risk management?

36. What metrics can be used to measure risk?

Quality Management for Change

37. What is quality (in the context of change management)?

38. What information goes into a quality plan?

39. What metrics can be used to measure quality?

40. Are you familiar with any standards, best practices or methodologies for change management?

41. Can you tell me about a time you introduced improvements to a change management process?

Soft Skills

42. How do you influence to drive changes forward?

43. Can you tell me about a time you changed someone's mind?

44. What techniques have you used to motivate your team?

45. How do you provide feedback to team members?

46. Are you good at giving presentations?

47. How can you tell if a presentation you give is effective?

48. What techniques have you used to manage political obstacles to change?

49. How do you make difficult decisions?

50. Can you tell me about a time you had difficulty managing a stakeholder?

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