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4 Enterprise Architecture Teams You Don't Want To Work For

        posted by , July 24, 2011

Enterprise Architecture is a rewarding career when you work for a respected team that produces solid business value.

When the EA team does not produce much of value — your day to day job will likely become stressful. You will also be out in the wind the next time your organization downsizes.

Watch out for the following 4 types of EA team:

1. Political EA

Office politics are pretty much a given for Enterprise Architects. After all, Enterprise Architecture is all about IT transparency and common approaches — plenty of IT folks have no interest in common approaches or transparency into their area. However, usually EAs can accomplish their mission despite the occasional political bumps in the road.

Political EA occurs when politics cause EA gridlock — meaning that nothing gets done. Enterprise Architects stuck in this situation invariably end up with low career satisfaction.

Political EA is often the result of a weak mandate. This can occur when EA reports to someone who is too low in the organization. For example, consider the situation when EA reports to one of many IT managing directors:

political enterprise architecture

2. Governance Focused

Enterprise Architects can play an important role in IT governance. However, some EA teams are completely focused on governance. Such teams are more focused on administrative processes than architecture.

When EA teams focus on administration of IT standards they quickly become irrelevant. Such teams are usually viewed as a tax by the rest of the organization.

3. Completely Irrelevant

EA teams that lack influence — pumping out documentation that no one reads.

4. Doomed EA

Incompetent EA teams with too much power — bravely steering the entire IT organization to ruin.

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