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140 Effective Verbs for IT Resumes and Presentations

        posted by , January 10, 2013

All verbs aren't created equally.

Some verbs sound wish-washy, passive and indirect. Others are compelling, specific and active.

The following verbs are relevant to Information Technology and tend to be effective. Try them out in your resume, deliverables, presentations and emails.

accomplishdocument originate
achieve driveoutperform
adapt eliminate overcome
advise empower pare
advocate enable partner
alignend penetrated
analyzeenforce perfect
appraise engage pioneer
architectenlist procure
assemble enrich produce
audit exceedpromote
author execute protect
automate expand prove
avert finalizepublicize
balance forecast raise
budget fortifyrally
buildfulfil reach
calculate gainrealign
carve garnerrealize
categorize generatereconcile
catalogue grew reduce
catchimplement re-engineer
cement improve refocus
certifyincrease repair
chairinnovate research
champion integrate safeguard
changelaunch salvage
chartleverage save
coach link ship
communicatemanage solve
connect market spearhead
createmaximize standardize
cultivatemeasure stimulate
decreasemerge stretch
deliverminimize systemize
demonstratemodel tackle
describemotivate transform
design navigate turn
developnegotiate unearth
diagnosenet unify
differentiateopen widen
directoperate win
diversifyoptimize work

This article is part of the ongoing series: how to win your next job.

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