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1000 Skills for Your Resume (List)

        posted by , February 24, 2013

If you're looking for a big list of skills broken down by profession and skill for your resume, you've come to the right place.

The following skill lists are intended to be more or less comprehensive for each profession. Each list uses standard terms that are appropriate for resumes.

Remember that it's always a bad idea to put a skill that you're not confident about on your resume. Employers may use your resume as a menu of interview questions.

Profession or AreaSkill List
Leaders & Executive ManagersCEO (99 Skills)
Executive Leadership (111 Skills)
ManagementManagement (100 Skills)
Change Management (40 Skills)
MBA (110 Skills)
Project ManagementProgram Management (98 Skills)
Project Management (125 Skills)
Business ProfessionalsSales (95 Skills)
Marketing (111 Skills)
Soft SkillsLeadership (59 Skills)
Public Speaking (89 Skills)
Presentations (22 Skills)
Time Management (34 Skills)
Interpersonal (80 Skills)
Emotional Intelligence (42 Skills)
Communication (90 Skills)
Visual Communication (83 Skills)
Negotiation (103 Skills)

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